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If you can make a game, what kind of game and why?
Tell me, have you had a dream to make a awesome game, I know, everyone has! So tell me it!

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FPS Futuristic Game because when futuristic is added so much more is possible! Oh and i already have a good idea for reloading system. When your out of ammo, you take the magazine out and as you throw it disintegrates and a new one spawns in your hand like magic then u can place that new magazine in your hand. Ofcourse this will be limited.
It may sound far-fetched, but:

It'd be astonishing to see a new gaming mechanic similar to the Oculus Rift, except that it would use your surroundings as part of the game.
Basically, it would be a headset that would be transparent and would project a HUD, enemies, objectives, etc onto your headset screen. You would have a controller for whatever kind of game it is; rifle, golf club, motion trackers (some kind of gloves?), etc.
For now, let's say it's an FPS. It'll take the surroundings around you and project the enemies and basically allow both the player and the AI to use those surroundings as cover, movement, etc. It would bring an unspeakable amount of interest in traveling for an exhilarating experience in different locations, multi-player maybe being a possibility where Wi-Fi is available?
A real massive multiplayer online game with leveling, trading weapons, selling weapons, doing quests together. However it wouldn't be a "hack and slash" it'd be a stealth game. It'd take place in the age of Ninja and Samurai, and much like Metal Gear Solid or COD's stealth missions you would have to hide and infiltrate enemy bases. There is no radar or way to indicate when an enemy is near you. You can even get your own temples, houses and marry other players, make families online (Not strictly children and a spouse, but blood-brothers and sisters as well.) You can wall-flip, hang upside down, things like that where the people who pick Samurai get all the heavy armor and heavy attacks, so Ninjas would have to avoid confrontation. You can even get a whole bunch of people and have clan wars. It'd be like a tower defense game but in full 3D graphics, a sand-box open based world, and you'd have to make a clan to help protect your home. But, it'd be for CONSOLES not PC. That's a stretch but someday in the future it could happen.
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Look at MR.Tenchu rip off up here. I'm still waiting for this new Ninja game that should be like Assassins Creed, but is Tenchu.

Anyways, I had an idea for an OS-FPSRPG (Over the Shoulder First Person Shooter Role Playing game, much like Fallout, but with a better physics engine where you blast enemies off true fee with a shotgun no matter what because there is no way anyone would be standing after point blank buck shot into the chest. It would be multiplayer up to 24 players per server in a pretty big open world city with a market, black market, mercenary jobs, deathmatch with classes varying from heavy weight to light weight. Heavies would get ordinance support, but are less mobile, while the light classe could sprint faster and more agile and can access more of the rooftops of buildings through a grappling hook feature whereas the heavies would need to find stairs or call in air support onto the roof or simply get other lightweigt teammates to erradicate the roof top dweller. The heavier units would have more health an would begin with body armor as part of their class.

The vehicles

Drones that hang out and follow the Heavy Units or camera drones for all classes that will allow you to go Over the Shoulder or Third person and let you peek around corners without revealing yourself just an advantage over people in FPS. Or small airdrones that seek an destroy roof top dwellers, but are quite small compared to the Heavy Drone. Convoy jeeps, Armored Trucks and more.

The controls would allow you to sprint, jump, sprint-jump, sprint-slide climb obstacles, slide or dive into cover, peek out of cover in FIrst Person unless you have an OS drone (over the shoulder) and it can be shot
A cel-shaded shooter in the style of Sin City.
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If I could make a game right now, I would make a Tokyo Ghoul video game because that is one of my favorite anime! It would be amazing as in graphics, gameplay, and most importantly in my eyes, the story. Tokyo Ghoul has such a depressing but beautiful and if you put that in a video game with online, side quests, and the huge mass world of Tokyo. I would die if a company makes it.
MMORPG Game. Because It would be awesome to be a Creator and the very first character which exist in the world you created by your own. You can have all the very first items, and else, moneys, npcs, etc. Well making that kind of game must be hard soo, It's just a little dream of mine.
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