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Team Fortress 2. [NOW FREE TO PLAY]
So, Team Fortress is a game with 9 classes. Each class has Different weapons and Different abilites. And some classes have Different weapons, you an unlock after you get a certain amount of achievements.

Ignore this part if you're not interested about reading about the classes

Scout : Scattergun, Pistol, and Baseball bat. Runs the fastest of all classes and can double jump. (these are the next class to get an update if you're interested)

Soldier : Rocket Launcher, Shotgun, and Shovel. You can jump. shoot the rocket at your feet and do a High jump .

Pyro : Flamethrower, Shotgun, and Ax. The Flamethrower has a compression blast to Deflect Explosives. You can also replace the Flamethrower witha backburner, Shotgun with a flare gun and the Ax with a different Ax

Demoman : Uses Grenades, Stickybombs fo traps to detonate later, and a Bottle. You can Shoot a stickybomb or 2 down, and then jump, detonate and do A high jump(way higher than a soldiers rocket jump, But it takes more HP)

Heavy : Most hp, most powerful, But slowest. Has a Minigun, Shotgun, and uses his fists. You can spin the minigun to get ready for oncoming enemies. The MG is replaced by another MG, that gives 25% less damage, but slows down the person you shoot at. Shotgun with sandvich, and Fists with boxing gloves.

Engineer : Uses Shotgun, Pistol, Wrench, and can build Guns, Dispensers, and teleporters.

Medic : Heals other people, after you heal a bit, you get an Ubercharge, which gives you immunity from damage for 10 secs. A syringe gun, and a Saw. You can replace the Medi Gun with another MEdi gun which gives 100% crit rate for a bit, Another syringe gun, and an ubersaw.

Sniper : Sniper, Submachine gun, and a Kakari. Can zoom in, The longer you're zoomed in, the more damage you do.

Spy : (my personally fav) You can disguise yourself as someone on the other team, Go invisible for a short time, Sap Engineers buildings, And backstab people for an instantkill

Also, You can go on youtube, and type in "Meet the..." And choose a class from up there. Valve has A video for all the clases except Pyro, Medic, and Spy.

There are also different game modes :

Capture the Intel : Pretty much capture the flag
Arena : No respawning, You just have to kill everyone on the other team to win
Capture Point : You have to a capture point, Both teams are going for it.

Update 7/15/2011
Okay so aside from this 2 year old post with terrible grammar and spelling, here is the best TF2 video I have ever seen.

Part 2

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Also there is that mode where you "escort" the cart.
Can't remember the name... err...
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Also there is that mode where you "escort" the cart.
Can't remember the name... err...

Oh right, Payload :o
T0ribush: I could not get into two worlds even if my life depended on it.
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Amazing game. Lots of variety, lots of competition also. Learning to play each class is like learning to play a completely different game, the game very diverse that way. Might sound difficult to pick up, but if you play Toribash, learning to play Team Fortress 2 is a cakewalk.
I love to play spy, even tho I'm not to good at it :P

If not spy, I'll play as scout on MARIO_KART
this game is insane, i play demo or solider, although i do dabble in sniper and engineer.

People are just too pro, u get sniped as soon as you let go of the arrow keys, you have to keep moving, keep jumping and ducking. its so fun, but so crazy.

Demo has the best taunt =P
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