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(Diamond) Recruitment
Hi! So you want to join Diamond? All you have to do is apply! Me or one of the other Leaders of Diamond will decide weither you get in or not. Here's how your application should look.

Why do I want to join Diamond: I have some good friends in diamond and it seems like a genuinely nice clan, I also enjoy playing more seriously, So i see myself as a good fit in this clan.

Who am I: I'm KaZy, I started playing Toribash back in January 4th, 2015. I specialize in mods such as ABD or Boxshu, My past names were 1zzac and frisk.

Belt, minimum is black:

What timezone are you in: EST. At the time of making this application it is 12:22 PM for me.
Rate your activity ingame and on the forum. 1-10:
Those are all the questions you NEED to awnser, Now here are two ways you can get our interest.

Show replays! Usually you can catch our interest easier by showing us how good you are in certain replays or just cool replays in general, such as sparring (We are not just about Aikido, I've also added a replay as an attachment.)

If you're a friend that i know from about 2016, like jagpanther or you were apart of my first clan you'll have a better chance of getting in.

Alright, Cya guys!
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