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The Lovey Dovey Lobbies

Love is in the air! And the Event Squad is ready to spread the love with special in-game events called ELobby. Not only is there gonna be 50 TC per win, there is a special challenge for those who join! Win the heart of the host and win fabulous prizes. Be creative! It can either be a pickup line or a full on confession, the sky's the limit in true love!

All winners will also receive a complementary rose for their awesome display of affection!

Servers will be made public so global rules will apply.
The host has all rights to choose whoever won their hearts. Each host has one prize to give out so take your chances and seize the moment!
Item prizes will be sent shortly after the end of the event.
Don't bug the Event Squad to host ELobbies.

Chirs - UFO + Space Helmet
Heart claimed by iSmokeMDMA

Divine - Chronos Grip + Anime Umbrella + Ukeko Pillow
Finn - Silly Slippers + Mjolnir
fred - Beanie
lillian - ~Secret~
loli - Full Sakura
max - Full Mana
Nitrate - Cat Ears
Swosh - Steampunk Joints
Traffic - The Staff + Wizard Apprentice Hat
Typhon - Sharko the Shark + Fish Friend

The event will end when all prizes are given out.

Rose courtesy of Goat.
Art by ASTRA.
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Here's a preview of the Romantic rose head replacement. Which you can upload your own head texture to! (512x512)

I have found my true love, we are getting married

<3 iSmokeMDMA
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I have found my true love, we are getting married

<3 iSmokeMDMA