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[POC] wushu eSport rev 1.0

wushu_eSport.tbm is a new iteration of wushu mod created, inspired and tested by TeamWushu members.

The purpose of this mod is to decrease amount of randomness encountered while playing wushu-based mods with classic damage/score system and make openers not fatal.

With positive feedback from TW members we would like to introduce this mod to wider audience and hopefully make it official for Ultimate::Wushu room and score multiplier version for public/beginners rooms.

wushu_esport.tbm (score points mod)
points_threshold 50 by default, beginners may lower it.

+openers are not fatal anymore.
you are able to block with legs and arms without being hurt.

+no more rubbing damage.
you have to hit strong enough to get points.

-noob hugs still work.
but at least not as terrible as before.

if you are feeling uncomfortable with new system, we have a version with score multiplier.

w3sc3.tbm (score multiplier mod)

proof of concept.
in progress will be released after further testing.

feedback is welcome
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