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[Flame]Huge spinning WHOLE BODY flame: 215k
That's it, here's a picture, just do you can get an idea of the size:

The particles keep spinning around your tori, in a vortex-like effect.
colors are shaman void, just as seen in the picture.
And for you who wants to make sure i have this flame, check my inventory and you'll see the flame item:

Also, note that this is not an auction. I'm selling it for the fixed price of 215k. Still, you can post here and make your offers. PLEASE, I PREFER TC. If you seriously want it, but can't pay with tc, you don't have to pm me. Just voice your offer here and i'll see what i can do. I will only accept REALLY GOOD ITEMS.
30k and void relax
Wanna COOKIE? Didn't think so! =]
For cheap item look at my shop "Crazy deals"
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30k and void relax

Answered you on pm ;)