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Create Incentive for Veterans to Play
Pretty simple suggestion: there's nothing really appealing out there for people to earn in Toribash once they've hit 20,000 Qi. It's clear that this lack of promotional opportunities for Veteran players has an impact in their activity, or complete lack thereof.

The closest thing custom belts can talk about "achieving" or "earning" in Toribash is of course "God Belt"; however, that small cosmetic change isn't enough because custom belts can simply change their belt name on a whim to "God Belt" without any problem. That, and one three letter word is hardly a consolation for 30,000 more games to be played.

If you're here to agree or disagree that this is in fact an issue, please post. Additionally, this thread could be used to brainstorm suggestions for what exactly would serve as an incentive for Custom Belts to keep playing.

Some "stream of consciousness" suggestions from the top of my head:

1) Exclusive colors for 30,000/40,000/50,000 games played.
2) Custom made 3D Objects for 30k/40k/50k games played.

It's fiscally reasonable to create incentive for players to move on for thousands and thousands more games. The longer they stay here in Toribash, the more likely they'll throw money at the game. And although it'll never happen under the current people who are in charge of this- it'd be leaps and bounds better if these Objects/etc. can't in anyway be purchased or transferred.
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