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face expressions
So like if you mark the eyes mouth they will move if you get hit or if you lose a limb it can show a pain expression but if you hit him it can show a sneaky expresion like

to use: you will have to circle carfully the mouth or eyes

and you must have atleast eyes if you dont have mouth just circle that.
i too think that would be a good idea, but i think it would be better if the whole texture just changed, so you'd have a default head texture, then a hurt head texture, a very amused head texture and so on.
i also think this would be easier to make.
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what you said sounded more like the game should only replace the marked areas like you said, the mouth and eyes, instead of changing the whole head.
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Too complicated
I think for many users it will be a waste of time. And a very hard work for Hampa.

I don't support that idea.
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yeah its a good idea but how? |||||||||||
like i have this face as a texture ||||||||
should i create another 5 texture||||||||
it would be hard
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A decent idea, however it's too complicated. It would involve changing far too many things in Toribash. Perhaps in the future, however right now when Hampa and the mods have other things to do. Also as Toriality said, not many users would probably use this.
It probably wouldn't be thaaaat complicated, given that minibash already does that more or less. It'd essentially be bruising textures for the face.

However, it sounds tedious and rather small compared to more important issues. It'd be a better side project if the devs like the idea rather than a big focus.