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A Head Texture I have created.
- Starting Price: 1k tc
- Auto-Buy: 10k tc

- Minimum Raise: 100 tc

- Auction will end January 6th (14:00) CST (Central Standard Time)
Please just bid on the head I created this because I use to create full sets and I am currently trying to get back into texture creating.
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Hey bud,

I noticed that your thread is missing some of the information required below:

Originally Posted by Market Rules
) Auctions must have an end date or time with GMT (I.E. 25/Dec or 24 hours after last valid bid), minimum (starting) bid, and raise.
.....I) You may also set an optional autobuy for your auction.
.....II) The minimum raise for all auctions must be at least 10TC

I will close the thread due to the missing information, however, once you have made the edits required to cover all the information above, feel free to reopen the thread.

Have a great day!
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