Hay, nice nickname. ;o


I'm Dalir, enjoy your stay.
|11:33| [shark] so you're saying that you just paid 80 euros for pussy
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Okay, basically to sum all this up, none of us who have been here for very long are soft or cuddly. We're all cold, unfeeling, heartless bastards. We may put on a fur suit once in a while, but we're still cold and metallic on the inside. Or a boaf.

But for real, just be smart, be productive, and you'll get along great here.
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Oh no! My secret is out! D:

hanz0 isn't cuddly either. He's a robot. He kills things (namely, people).


Nice example, that you picked there... TT.TT
Я to the Core
ishi's the cuddliest Smod.

Also, welcome, neither suomynona or hanz0 are cuddly.

Hai! <_<

If you fuck up, I'll be the first to ban your ass.

Just be careful. IRC is pretty neat, if you want to dig deep into the community. ;)

channel: #toribash