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Elevated, implemented and frequently mentioned suggestions
This thread has been revealed to regular users so people have an easier time to find suggestions that has been posted before.
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More than one 3d item

Disconnection Penalties:

QI transfers

Prizes for belts, win streaks, variable tourney prizes, logging in, 2nd place:

2v2 | 4 player toribash | more than two players:

Force meter/contract-extend percentages

Grab threshold

Refresh button

Sell Items Back to the torishop:

Replay continuation

Achievements prizes:

Achievement Overhaul:

Mobile version of forums

Group chat/whisper

Toribash on different consoles/devices

Sticky blood

Blood textures

In-game translator

In-game Notifications

Voice chat

Ghost DQ

Animated textures

Replay folders

Finger/toe joints

Ignore command

2nd Place Tourney Prizes

Multiclienting (LAN)

Ghost Textures


Ranking system (specific to going back to ranking in every room instead of "ranked" rooms)

Displaying past usernames

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Elevated and Implemented Suggestions
The list below contains all suggestions that are currently on the to-do list or have been implemented

Q: My suggestion has been previously marked as 'Elevated' but now it's not and I can't see it in this list!
A: Before posting this thread, we went through old threads to make sure nobody's confused by it. Some of those threads had the tag, but the ideas described in there are not being worked on (or have never been worked on at all). According to that, from now on we'll try to only put "Elevated" tag on suggestions that have been added to developers' to-do list and will be implemented in (near) future.

Elevated Suggestions:

Implemented stuff:

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