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Challenge to head-makers.
i would like to request something.

It'd be the regular gray color for default heads, but have no eyes, nose or anything, and make a hole that's transparent on both sides of the head (kind of like a gunshot wound). The hole should be decent sized. also, i would like a bit of splattered blood around the holes. I will pay reasonable prices.

Also, if you make one, and someone else makes one and i like theirs more, don't complain when i don't buy both.

Edit: i now realize i should've put in request section.
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You should say how much you want to pay. I believe this motivates people more.
I Accept comissions to do heads and textures, just drop me a PM and we can negotiate.
You do know transparency doesn't mean you see through the other side, right? It's only transparent to the "center" of the head.
but if its transparent on both sides, then effectly that makes it all the way through doesnt it?
and transparency doesnt work for shaders?
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