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head pls kthx
1000tc for a head pls with this design

instead of green tears u can make them pharos/sapphire
i want the raised effect of the white area, so bevel/emboss/drop shadow on layer, what ever it takes to make it work
and it must be as crisp and as smooth as possible
in proportion aswell, i get fussy about that
no ears. ears are fail on that design

min creativity for this seeing as i gave u an image to work from, just accuracy accuracy accuracy

front face = sick az aswell =)
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cus i fail at making heads
i have mentioned it befor =D
i have respect for those who can make nice heads =)

bright colours now fnugget, i like them bright and contrasting
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The problem is that it doesnt take up much head. I should have made it bigger.
Second, the "raised" look needs a non black background, so it's kind of gray. I can fade the rest to black, but the front would still be grayish unless you sacrifice the raised look's prominence (and it barely has any right now).

A closer approximation to ingame

More tweaking can do something, but it might not be able to be much better than this. I'll try again later, make a trace so it's crisp.
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piiiiiiiiiixels ='(
also, its a bit small, wanted it to cover a bit more of the head, black background, not grey

needs a mask type effect, maybe make it an actual mask, with like a white line going around the head
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Alright alright, I had to get back to pixel editing to get this far, and it's not very far. I'm not a good pixel editor. If you want it better, you can try to get Toxid to work on it, but price might have to change. Inflation these days...

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hmmm, good idea with the toxiD thought, also pm'd werd about it, time to pm Tox then
thanks anyways man, but if thats the result i reckon il stick with the emo head for now
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k, scratch the first image, seen 3 versions of it, nuthug tried aswell, but it just doesnt work, its just the design i think

the second image, the badass with the red eyes is teh sekz
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