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in the name of the manly balthier send me your orc/chronos/gladiator items
here are a few tips, 'C' is hold all, desmemberment threshold is how easy or hard it is to desmember someone, Rank means how close you are to your next belt, you can buy stuff at the shop or deal stuff with other people, there are different sections were you can talk about stuff,Hope this helps
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Make your moves with lax joints. It looks cooler, and some times it can cause more damage. Also, when dueling with tc, make sure to check the Game Settings before joining. Press Ctrl + G to do so.

Happy Bashing!
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Hey, welcome to Toribash. Before I get to hints, I should show you this and this. First one is about the staff jobs, second one is about who has what job and if they're online. Hope they help.

Now, there are basically three secrets to getting better. They are:


Two more tips are to use relax to prevent dismemberment and to always hit joints, not limbs. Again, welcome to Toribash.