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Hi there, fellow fighters!
I found my way here the other day by following random links on youtube and ending up on Nerd3's channel, where he was playing Toribash Laser Survival, out of all things.
Now I'm happily if somewhat clumsily thrashing about with Uke and entering mp dojos when I feel especially brave. As an artsy person I'm also looking into creating my own textures.

I'll be seeing you in the dojos! Briefly. Until your feet kick my head off.
Welcome to Toribash Skaegg!! I hope you become a True Artist someday... just keep practicing
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Welcome to Toribash bro ^_^....hope you enjoy the game, meet me ingame and stuff
✦RIP -zzzkie, I'll miss you 2012-2015 #neverforget.✦
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Welcome to toribash Skaegg hope you enjoy your stay man, and for help with those textures you can click this this link takes you to some great tutorials on texturing and stuff. :3
Thanks for all the friendly greetings! I'm looking forward to getting my head smashed in by you in the dojos!

BitUnFair: I've been looking around a little bit at the texture making already, and at first glance it doesn't look too complicated. I need time though ...

Darkerharder: Thanks, man! I used a miniature and a picture of an alien as reference when I painted the avatar, ages ago.
Hey man. Welcome to toribash.

Hope you have an enjoyable time!
Shoot me a PM if you have any queries!