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Hi everyone! :33
Hey :3. Soo...I'm Gabriele, 14 year old, and I'm Brazilian trash (lol).

I've been playing the game for ~4 weeks, and mainly just play katana or judo...and sometimes wushu. (Who needs gravity if you can do cool kicks amirite?) I'll be honest, I never expected this game to be as fun as it is, and be as strategic as it is from what I saw in my matches.

But anyway. Thanks for reading this, see you guys in the ring! x3
Welcome to Toribash! I am your friendly neighborhood meme, hopefully I see you in game sometime
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Welcome Itzanovich!
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Welcome to.... TORIBASH!!!!! And if you got any problems ask people with colorful names Or just read the bottom of the main forum page.
welcome mane, have a good time, explore the community and feel free to Private Message me if you need any help
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