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Better Hands + Feet?
This could be added into the game
The term better hands and feet I mean by adding joints onto the Hands and Feet
Hampa PLZ consider adding this into the game
*and add the things that make up the Tori's body
Maybe in the toribash update 4.3?
And that overload joint thing like on the wii
The thing whee your joint goes really fast and kills fast
That's all

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This has been suggested millions of times and has been denied millions of times. It will never happen. Think of all of the consequences of changing the tori.
Not supported

Toribash's ragdol body is unique and people dont want it like endorphin. Plus, there may be game changes (lag, etc)
This is really stupid. many textures toribash as monsters or robots, it would be terrible to look on humanoid.
Yeah as Berc said some of the textures are robots or monster

~Not Supported~
Amateur Texture Designer PM for requests.
The change would alter the whole way the game is played in some way, people would have to get used to how the new body would work and i would all be a mess.

~Not supported
Thats what I love about toribash, how quirky and unrealistic it is.
If you want realism go into the real world, Its pretty damn real out there.
I cbf reading all the comments above but the only things I would say is that...
1.) There is actually no point AT ALL to make tori's have 5 fingers - how would it improve the gameplay? It would do nothing, just add work to hampa.
2.) I don't see what's wrong with the body shape... Looking at your avatar, I see u like anime... In most anime cartoons, body shapes are not realistic and hampa did not try to make toribash look anime, that's what I can tell ya...

Not supported x billion
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I'm pretty sure that this could be made by a mod. Good luck!

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Be warned, @#w#@. They are coming.
Hands with five fingers?
That would ruin hand textures.
This is what textures are for,
to make your tori look better.
~ not supported
Just saying, it's not impossible. This is what tori's used to look like, and they evolved.
Done with this community, you guys suck.