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Replay talk time with Numbers
[20:23] == Dscigs [[email protected]] has joined #ormo
[20:23] <Dscigs> I need help
[20:23] <Dscigs> how2replay
[20:23] <Dscigs> pls tell
[20:23] <internet> you
[20:23] <internet> dont
[20:23] <Numbers> well that depends. whats your shoe size
[20:23] <Dscigs> hm
[20:23] <Dscigs> lemme check
[20:24] <Dscigs> usa 12
[20:24] <Numbers> perfect
[20:24] <Numbers> put your shoe on top of your head
[20:24] <Numbers> tell me when youre ready
[20:24] <Dscigs> ok
[20:25] <Dscigs> ready
[20:25] <Numbers> then take your shirt off
[20:25] <Numbers> and put your arms in the airf
[20:25] <Numbers> air*
[20:25] <Numbers> and then wave them like you just dont care
[20:25] <Dscigs> alright
[20:25] <Dscigs> now what
[20:25] <Numbers> you can now replay

Numbers gives beautiful replay advice, please feel free to ask questions and the like.
His advice helps greatly, I tried it out.