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Toribash 5.5 alpha - Steam, Windows only
Hi, a preview build of 5.5 is now available on Steam for Windows.

What's new:
  • Ghost length and speed
    • Allows you to change ghost simulation length / speed
    • Use /set ghostlength and /set ghostspeed or set the values through gamerules menu (would also need to set ghostcustom to 1 if set through gamerules)

  • Ball joint grabs and breakable grabs
    • /set grabmode 1 to get new grabs
    • /set tearthreshold [value] to enable breakable grabs (only with grabmode 1)

  • Miscellaneous
    • /forgetme | /fm will no longer automatically log you out and only make the game forget your login data on next game launch
      If you want to keep your account remembered without logging in again, use /rm

To get the preview build, switch to alpha branch in Toribash properties on Steam (Betas tab should look like this:
This build is likely slightly buggy and may crash, if you get your client acting abnormally please let me know here.

UPD: found the reason ghost speed wasn't working, pushed a fix (buildID 5532342)
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Uploaded a new version (5.5.200922) with improved grab tear threshold - it's now calculated as force magnitude multiplied by the angle between the grabbed object's direction relative to your hand and drag force.
In short, if you're pushing the opponent while grabbing them the grab will be harder to break and if you're pulling then it'd be easier to break.

I've also updated the dev server with new features support, you can play there by doing /co 20184

Currently fixing display resolution on Retina screens on macs (as it turned out high dpi option was never properly implemented and thus never worked), will try to get it ready some time later this week.