Thats pretty good so far , alittle more detal on the monster couldnt hurt.

It also gives me an idea for a topic in this thread . We all know how fun it can be messing around in photoshop and gimp , along with seeing some pretty amazing effects. But some of us just dont have the "know how" to create some realy cool realistc textures , like we have all seen ( hands , helmets, gloves, robots, ect).

I beleive everyone should have the right tools to create a masterpiece, and when I say tools , im mean templates .

Say someone that has realsitic hand textures, created a full real hand template from there texture ( all white with thin black outlines). Or even a head template that maps out the face structure suited for a shpere ( all done with shading outlining the bone structure). Perhaps even muscle structure for the arms and legs?

And what if these templates were released to the comunity ? Well im sure there will be alot more creativity in the toribash world and it would make texturing alot more enjoyable .

Would any of you be interested in creating such templates ?