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Hi my name is FlagGuy
I am Toribash player who's name is... well obviously FlagGuy, and I'd like to say hello to the community. I mainly play Taekkyon or Mushu. I used to have another account which had gotten up to a green or blue belt. I then lost that accounts password. I've decided to start new. So here I am. I rarely participate in tourneys, so never invite me to one. I like to bully streamers... shhh don't tell on me.
Hey FlagGuy, I dont know if you remember me or not, but I was the dude giving out play by plays and in game commentaries XD Anyway, welcome to the community, have fun and goodluck
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Hey Flag! I am ESoldier25, the one who played TK with you! it was very funny, but when i saw you in tourmament, i was like: WTF, i had to move faster than him! anyway, you got rekt, unfortunately .
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you should try some AkidioBigDojo its great, im addicted
Welcome to TB man
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hi, dis is Indian1......i'm not new to toribash...yeah but i'm new to d forums.......earlier i applied for some clans and got a handsome response,i was literally kicked off the forums.....i got banned once.....i did break a few rules..i have 2 alt accounts that i use no more....and i have done all of d rest bad things that a nice toribashing guy should not.....still after all this, i have now found internal peace......i am now open, free and legit for my playmates....and hoping to rise and shine..BOOM!BABY...daddy just got bigger, better and stronger....took a bit longer.......but worth.....

motto=gotta smash hard....gotta play cool...gotta sting like-a-bee..
[i am only 15]
[BABY-here refers to d reader who's most likely to be a black dan belt]
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Welcome FlagGuy!

Join us, forum lurkers.
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