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Golden. The guy no one knows.
Hey guys this is just a little thread that I've wanted to make for a while but never got around to doing it. I'm just gonna say a few things that I think you guys should know about me if you even care to read this thread at all.

TB History
I've been on Toribash sense 2013. But when I started caring about the community was probably somewhere in the early 2014s. I
Clan History
The first clan I was ever in was (RAE) (Radioactive) It went inactive and the owner now runs NE. I joined Vortex and I've been with them ever sense.

The main mods I play are ABD and I used to play Mushu a lot. But those days are over. In real life I'm an sociable guy and I spend a lot of time gaming.

This rant about my life is basically me just venting my self over being on Toribash for about three years and not getting out in the public forums. Thanks for wasting your life reading my thread and please comment.
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[14:08] <@ego> uncreative fuck R.I.P TL;DR
[14:08] <GoldenRox> That's me all right \(o_o/)
Hey Golden! No one gave a sheit about my introduction post. :P glad to see you care about the community too.