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Look like a Pro and key links
So you started out looking like this...

and you want to get to looking like this

What now?
For all your buying needs, you can purchase items from the Torishop:

or select from 3 tiers of offer items:

Note that items only affect the color of your Tori. You will need one of these to be able to upload art to skin your Tori.

If you want someone to skin your Tori, you can find them in the Market.
Vermine, hanz0, Mrama, avwave and other members of the Toribash Texture Mob may be able to help ;).

If you need credits, you can:

Purchase Credits


which allows you to win credits for every fight.

Feel free to ask any of the Beginner's Sanctuary mods or other moderators for any advice as well as safe trading tips.

Till next time,

Gman out.
Gone Fishing
In this pack, you get:
  • 16 Body Textures
  • 1 DQ Texture + 1 Ground Texture
  • 4 Texture Trails
  • 5,000 Toricredits
UTM 4ever |4bb не для слабаков
Don't you think Pure should be in the Hardcore pack? Pure is as awesome as demon or void.

But anyways, epic stuff Gman ;O
Demon Pure Supernova Pack

It is in Hardcore aswell.

I would buy something if I could pay with my phone.
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Hi Sa1uk,

We'll be adding phone support for pack purchases soon, so stay tuned .
Gone Fishing