Endurance Onslaught 3.0
I agree fully with you Zalmoxis.
Toribash TakeOVER
<Colossus> ROFL
<Colossus> my friend got hit by a car
<Colossus> gonna go visit him. brb

[22:45:46] <Thorn> I know she likes it in the ear
[22:45:53] <Thorn> because when I put it to her mouth she turns away
/friendly invade

Sorry about the invade, couldn't resist.

also snake:

redheads <3

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tox, you don't need invade tags, feel free to invade ;p
tell me about aikido
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^challange accepted

I generally prefer redheads though, but once my softspot for hot cosplayers kicks in ;u

this is 3d?O.o
I hope not..at least somewhere she exist!:P
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