TC stands for 'toricredit' and is the unit of money in this game.

For the most part, you use TC to buy items to personalize your tori.

You can buy things from the Torishop, Items board, Market, or ingame.

There are many other things you can do with TC, but this is the most general use of it.
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You can also use tc to gamble in bet servers ingame, and duel when you think you are good enough.
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You can also use it to bet, duel, and buy art. There is endless possibilities to tc if you get into the game.
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Although you can buy many upgrades with TC, be careful what you buy, once you buy something it takes off how much the item costs.Also, try not to trade ingame cause most of the people are scammers so don't even bother...

-If ANYONE tries to scam you or ask for your password, take a screenshot and tell an administrator for help.

If you want to earn more Tc, try buying it from here Buy Toricredits

If you want a booster,which gives you a certain amount of TC Per win you make Click this link Buy Paypal Boosters
But, these costs real money..

If you want to get free TC, try winning tournaments, betting, Specific servers which you can find in game on multiplayer,or surveys.

If you are intrested with surveys, you could click this link Earn Free Toricredits
Try to keep away from surveys as much as possible though, on almost all of them you have to download something which usually plants viruses on your PC.

I hope I helped you with this thread...

HINT: Never believe someone saying that if you use the transfer toricredits in the shop, and write his name and send you money NEVER. Believe me this may sound noobish but it really happens.
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