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[Hunters]Want to join?

If you want to join us, we expect you to have a good understanding of the English language.
We need to be able to understand you, and you have to be able to understand us, and especially our rules.

Interested in being part of our community? In order to apply for [Hunters], please fill this form:

Click "show" to see the application form ==>

Please fill the entire form, or you will not be considered.

Once you have finished filling the form, attach 2 Multiplayer and 2 Singleplayer Replays to your post.

After you post your application, you will be discussed and several members will give an opinion about you. A member's "yes" can count as 1,2 or 3 points and depends on that member's current rank in the clan.

Votes count as follows:
  • Leaders and Elders "yes" - 3 points
  • Core members "yes" - 2 points
  • New Blood "yes" - 1 point.

You need to reach 12 points - once that's done, we send you an invite unless a leader has rejected you(this is to avoid conflict in the clan). If we're not sure about your skill level, we will test your abilities in-game. You'll just have to join one of our servers and we'll see how you play. If we like your application and you're skilled, you'll get in.

  • Look around the thread. See how the people who got accepted filled out their forms. Learn from them. Learn about our preferences. Take your time when filling out the questions. Try to impress without sucking up to us. That will certainly not impress us.
  • Your playstyle matters. We value improvisation and creativity in moves. You won't find us repeating moves and/or using boring cheap techniques. It would be in your best interest to post replays which showcase your improvisation skills, and replays that do not rely on generic starters.
  • Use grammar and punctuation. If you can't be bothered to fill the form properly, we can't be bothered to accept you.
  • Before posting the form, preview it using the "preview post" button. It will tell you exactly how the post will be seen once you post it. If you've made any mistakes(formatting, etc) it's better to fix them before we've seen them.
  • If you feel the need to change your form, edit it. Use the "edit" button on your post. Do not post it again unless you've been rejected before and are applying for a second time.
  • Be rational. As you probably realize, we do not accept stupid people. We appreciate intelligence, skepticism, logic and kindness. Those are our defining traits, and they're also the only way in which we discriminate between people.

If you've decided to give this a shot, thank you for taking the time to apply for [Hunters]! We wish you good luck!

The [Hunters] Squad

P.S: Right now we're extremely inactive in the forums, but don't let that fool you. We're very active in our skype clan room(not a day goes by without something getting discussed there, usually for hours) - it's much more convenient for us to talk there. If you're not much of a forum person and would like to get in touch with us anyway, send me or any other leader a PM and we'll find a way to contact you.
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One of three leaders of [Hunters]. Chat? Identify yourself:
My application for Hunters.
Age: 18
Belt (Minimum is black): 10th dan blackbelt.
How happy are you with your level of skill in the game ? : The level of degradation in my skills frustrating, but thus my improvement is more probable, so I do find some consolation in that.
Why do you want to join us and not another clan?(please explain in depth): I want to join this clan because to me it's been a sort of home, toribash wise, and I don't see how I could feel such belonging in any other clan.
Are you recommended by one of our members ? (if so,by who ?) : Not in particular, but I know most of the long time players here and am in high hopes of belonging to a common clan with them once more.
Have you read our rules, and do you agree to follow them if accepted ? I've reread them and I find them apposite and hopefully natural to anyone.
Favorite/Best Official Mod: Aikido
Special skills: (Cannot include Toribash skills like replay-making.Can include any skills outside it): Wouldn't say I have any, I'm a bit of a gawdelpus.
Examples of that skill(if applicable, at least 2 would be nice): If I do find some applicable skill I'll be sure to try to incorporate it into my toribash experience.
Previous Clans(if any): Nutshot, though I didn't use the forums then; Hunters.
Favorite Forum(if any): I mainly visit this clan's main forum and most that's under it.
Toribash organizations Affiliated With(if any): Again I'm left without certainty on the matter, for I might've been, but not actively.
Do you have an alternate account, and if so, what is it ?( we don't allow multi-clanning) : I used to have some, made for fun, but what they are and if they still are is a mystery. They certainly weren't in any clans, well, I did blackbelt the BankofHunters, but I suppose that's irrelevant.
Location: Estonia, Tallinn
Level of forum activity(Important!): I check the forums daily, yet I've found myself not to be the most persistent of posters, for oft I'm without particular knowledge or firm opinion on various subjects discussed, so I prefer not voicing my thoughts, though I am hoping to fix this trait of mine.
Number of Infractions: None that I know of, for I don't even know where to look for them.

PS: The replays following aren't anything great, but I got impatient.
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1.rpl (57.6 KB, 38 views)
Save.rpl (51.9 KB, 28 views)
try nr.1.rpl (170.2 KB, 21 views)
Final try at that....rpl (93.3 KB, 33 views)
Late comeback.rpl (68.3 KB, 34 views)
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Noooooo, he missed an 'r' in 'frustration'. (In line 4.)
Therefore I'm leaning towards a no, welcome back to [hunters], Phantom :]. (Asuming 2pro will say yes)


My previous no was just to be different from the other, I know they'll all give you a yes, I wanted to stand out . In case you felt offended because I reacted like that to a spelling error, I'm sorry. Had to find a reason to give you a no. Anyways, welcome back to hunters!
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@PhantomXD: He has my indubitable(that is a word) yes and he has my recommendation. We used to lead together, ffs, and we did pretty well He fitted back then and since we have improved even more, I'm sure he'll fit in just as well again.
One of three leaders of [Hunters]. Chat? Identify yourself:
Indubitable, as in, unable to be doubted. Originating from the Latin 'dubitare', which obviously means 'to doubt/question'. With the suffix 'in' meaning 'not', and able meaning.. well.. able.

In case anyone thinks I used a dictionary or search engine for this, I did not, and am severely offended by you (LT) thinking that!
/sarcasm I wub LT.
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I must admit, I'm quite impressed with how you speak. I would like to talk with you more since you speak like a sir. Therefore, I say yes.
2pro said he'll go to the place called 'cottage' I suppose we can send him the invitation since 2pro will be inactive till next friday. According to his post.
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