Hey guys , I have been working on a 512 Hunters set and its surprisingly looking very good . The Body textures are basic but with Void force, the hands and the crazy head texture ( wich I adjusted the head band text to green) it all blends togeather quite nicely , good flow to it . I will post the set soon once im finished the wip wich wont take long.

There is one problem I am having and need some help with , it has to do with prevewing joints using the item.dat file . If I dont have that file in the folder with all the textures , the torso and groin area show there textures but when I add in that file to the folder to preveiw joint colours , the standard torso look takes over ( red or blue) . How can I fix this so it is only the force colour shows with all the textures ?
There should be a tutorial on how to edit the text file in the right way.
If not, take someone elses text file and replace yours. Say if you want a noxious force, you'll have to find someone with all the textures (these are also included in the item.dat, I think) and the noxious force.
This is the Hunters clan set I was talking about earlier and what it would look like with void force . Alot of work needs to be done on it though. I took the idea from the series Gantz , for those who dont know what it is just check out a clip on youtube or somthing and you will see the relation. I am thinking about doing this with my current blue head texture, should I ?

The head needs eyes, or something to fill all of that black space.

Probably some kind of pattern down the body as well, or maybe some kind of outfit?

I like the skulls, but maybe just down the legs. Good job, keep it up!
Lol its actualy suppose to be like that , I thought about adding patterns to the textures and a face . But then I realized it wouldnt look like a ninja suit , the joints being a solid colour would take that effect away. I would love to do shadowed facial features as if there was a full mask but im not that good .