I really like the 2:08 rewind part
Though I think the 2:26, Uke blocked you, and you're the main person, we couldn't see what you were doing.
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hello guys. heh i found some old drawings and clay things of mine check it out

this is just my last name in a crazy style i draw

Get me mah juice Bitch.
Lol they remind me of a claymation show when I was a kid .

So has anyone tried there hands on making the hand templates ? I would do it but Im finalizing the mod pack now ( making sure theres no bugs or anything). I dont think I will make a promo vid for it , people have been waiting long enough I suppose. It will be released later on today for all to enjoy.
Um...what is it? XD. Looks like a demonic antelope-squid to me. Nice detail and imagination at any rate. I liek.
My kicks will give you U-NO-POO.
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