New things
Lately, I have been trying to get better from experience. Trying new moves etc..

Here is a spar with eazybreezy. Hope you like and CnC is highly appreciated
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Omega-Spar with eazy #6.rpl (904.1 KB, 20 views)
New Stuff
Here is another spar that I did with 2wc. I kinda had a lot of fun with this spar.
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!Omega-Spar with 2wc #6.rpl (1.14 MB, 22 views)
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New spar with brrrhaha. I had a lot of fun with it.

Awesome spar !
I see there is nothing to cnc xD 9/10
Free Style Sparrer
Thanks for the comment sonny . Here are 2 more spars that I recently did. I feel like I am getting better and better everyday
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Omega-Spar with eazy #8.rpl (594.1 KB, 13 views)
Omega-Spar with ello #1.rpl (527.2 KB, 10 views)
Thank you for the nice comment charizaids. New spar, I have been really aggressive lately CnC is highly appreciated.
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Omega-Spar with 2wc #8.rpl (968.7 KB, 20 views)