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Contract pecs is a good attack and gains an edge with points, and some control, you can also make the hands grabby so that attack will stick onto your opponent,

also raise shoulders and extend hips after grabbing, works almost every time
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Intro, you can ignore it:
I've played Toribash for two days now, really enjoyed the concept. When you're practicing, you have all the time in the world. Ghost is very clear, I can patiently get what I want and I can experiment. My first vs CPU replay was really enjoyable and fun. But I would very much like to leave Uke and go in field. And in multiplayer mode, I'm getting bashed reaaaal easy by anyone just because I still can't really get the movements I want fast enough. I'm using Z, X and C shortcuts, trying to maintain my balance and to find crucial spots. And I'm sure practice makes perfect, but I would like to ask for one advice in particular. Please?

My question is:
How do you start a fight?

I mean, you have only 20 secs to get some meaningful results quick. It's way too little. What are your starting points? Do you hold all joints and build on that, or the opposite? Are there some parts that are absolutely crucial and you generally click on them almost every time you start a fight?

I guess both "all hold" and "all relaxed" stances are no good, you're neither offensive nor defensive that way. Am I correct?

I really liked Wooshoo and Wrestilng, but let's stick to Aikido as it's the main course on servers after all. I get that the answer really differs depending on your strategy. But right now my strategy sometimes is either to get in very strange position in the air and get my ass unblanced and kicked in no time, or just to find myself doing the opposite to my expectations.

I've read a couple of manuals. Your personal experience is very much preferred. But any advice or link would be appreciated.

Thank you.

It all Depends what your fighting technique, I recommend that you Go to free play

And practice on your joints, Playing certain mods can help to.

Example if you like moving fast and wavy loss all of your joints
But if you like have more of a stiff control hold your joints
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This is great, great thread so fr. First posts made me real confident about some starting points and got me advanced from white to green belt in one night, in very enjoyable one!

I would appreciate any opinion on topic you could possibly have!

(Now I have to get better in starting with kicks, because shovelling is really easy but sometimes is not that effective. Am I right?)
Before you start a fight you need to decide how you will fight. You can start with an offensive attack , or a defensive position, or you can push random buttons. First its important to have a good understanding of how the z, x, and c shortcuts work. Then you need to start creating different options for your defensive and offensive attacks. Last you start playing and putting it all together.

There are many different forms and styles but i will simplify them in three categories.

As a beginner you should take time to create some basic moves you can use, when you understand which joints create the fundamental movements you can start to tweak your moves and make them unique.

Beyond the bare moves, you also need to decide what your goals are in the game.

There are pros and cons to hold all and relax all playing styles. Hold all leads to some very power attacks, but can be slightly predictable and stiff. Relax all is less predictable but opens the door for more moves I think. Its a good idea to play a combination of both. Personally i like to start in relax all and then use both z and x to create my moves. As a beginner though i almost always used c because it guarantees some good solidarity. I would recommend starting with a hold all style as you learn what the joints do. As i learned the basics i remember i would learn how to use certain joints in segments. First i started with pecs and elbow, then i learned about the chest and the knees, then the hips and glutes , and etc. Once you have a good command of the joints start learning to play in relax by using a small amount of movement at a time, maybe changing only five joints each frame.

Also dont be afraid to try moves that are counter intuitive, if everyone does moves that "work" then doing something that wouldn't "work" maybe a real game changer. Back when i started playing i would try to create as much momentum as possible so that the other player would lose balance and dq before me, this move was only succesful on people on my level not the higher belts.

Well i hope this is helpful, it is a lot of text.
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^That is a thorough guide, soak that up. Anyway the main thing you should Try to accomplish(depending on your style) is...

1. If you prefer gaining control of your opponent rather than being defensive, make sure to go for key grabs, such as the shoulders, elbows, hips, and pecs, these will allow you to disqualify your opponent much easier than if you we're grabbing their wrists/hands. To practice this set goals before every match, say I'm going to get a grab on his shoulder and DQ him before we reach 200 frames.

*Something to keep in mind, don't tunnel vision on getting a good grab, make sure to constantly move your joints so that you are always in a win/win situation.

2. If you prefer being defensive there are 2 main points to focus on
A. Balance- make sure you have a strong grasp of how to balance your tori in -30 gravity. Always be aware that your opponent is probably trying to throw you off balance, to counteract this train yourself to see what they are going to do before they do it.

B. Saves and reversals- when someone does catch you off guard, you should be able to save yourself and regain balance, and if you are really good, reverse them while they are in a vulnerable situation(preferably if they have fully extended themselves, wrists, ankles, abs, hips, and raised or lowered both shoulders.

*Key to note when playing defensive, always be 2 steps ahead of your opponent, so when they think they got you and you are down for the count, 2 turns later they have already been reversed and lost the fight.

3. This style is what I like to call the Chess Match style of play. This basically consists of you outsmarting your opponent, your main focus when using this style of play is to be UNPREDICTABLE. Your opponent never sees your moves coming, and by the time he has you have already won. Keep in mind when I say unpredictable I don't mean move random joints and hope you win, more like you look at the current turn and analyze it. Think as if you have your opponents brain, you make an educated guess on what they think you are doing, and do the exact opposite(while staying somewhat balanced). When you are fighting tougher opponents in the future, around 5th Dan and higher, you can take this strategy even further. Do what I said before, make an educated guess on what your opponent thinks your doing, and then see how you would react or what the opposite would be, and then do the opposite, but throw the ghost off balance so your opponent can't tell whether you are doing what he thought you were gonna do, or if you are doing something completely different.(Inception baby)

*Main points, be unpredictable, get into your own mind and then analyze what you would do in the given situation and do the exact or almost exact opposite while throwing your opponent off balance and at the same time staying on balance yourself.

TLR Be unpredictable, think 2 or 3 steps ahead of your opponent, this will come with experience, pick a play style and stick to it, this will train you for when you start learning more difficult mods in the future. Don't waste time with fun mods unless you are looking to make friends or playing with previous friends for, well, fun. When you are in a given situation, take note of specific cues and movements that occur, this will prevent you from making the same mistakes to many times. Turn auto save on, so you can go back and look at replays you found interesting or important. Don't waste your time in the intermediate rooms, start practicing with Brown\Black belts. And last but not least, PRACTICE, and find which playstyle you enjoy most.
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Well you really just got to play around and find a style that suits you, but here is some tips for Aikido.

Go into "Challenge Uke" in the fight school and watch the joints he moves. You can really wreck in beginner rooms with those openers. Some people like to start with kicks, some like to start with a defensive grab. Those are the 2 main styles I see in Aikido.

As for not being able to get your moves in fast enough, just keep practicing and you will be able to put moves in real fast.
^^^ Read This

Key Points

1. Never hold all
-by holding all, you can get easily lifted and you will not have as much control

2. Never launch yourself in the air
-by launching yourself, you have no ground control and you will get lifted and shoveled

3. Always shovel when you can no matter how nooby it is
-no need for an explanation

4. This goes with #2, always keep at least 2 points on the ground and no more than 3

5. Play more defensive in the beginning and more aggressive towards the end (unless your winning then play defensive)
-by playing defensive in the beginning, you can counter your opponent and he will probably dq but if you go for strikes, he can easily dq you.

6. When getting shoveled, don't freak out. Just relax all, extend feet, and try to get as low to the ground as possible by extending pecs and contracting elbow.
-note that this will not always work so you have to improvise a little just like how all the good play

I know i didn't explain how to start a fight but if you read this, you can create opener that will fulfill the requirements like no hold all and rarely do aggressive openers
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I Like to Contract both pecs contract abs extend right hip contract left hip and knee. This has almost no counters and if they do then you can just kick them. If they noob clap i just raise both shoulder and extend both hips and knees. This throws them in the air where you can super knee and decimate them.