The clans looking good and coming together pretty strong. Good work Justin. I gotta talk to you in game also.

It's great to be back in the clan which shaped most of the aspects of the game that I played, thanks for welcoming me back home. ''Lets make Experience great again'' Charm Trump Sr.
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But am I lucky though?

First of all, Hello. I'm a very old member from this clan, my old nick was Fluz, aka Night. I'm pretty happy because I had the opportunity to help Justin revive this clan ( I'm also TheEggGods).

I realized a problem in the way we're treating clan wars. If any of you go check our clan war history, you will see that we only have 54% of win rate(27 wins, 23 loses).

I suggest that we make some rules about clan wars, for example:

We can create a hierarchical chain, where at the top are the war leaders and below them the pawns that will accompany in the war process. Only those who have at least 80% win rate should be leaders.

Modesty part, I would like to have this position, after all, what I have to offer if not just my years of experience playing this game.

I have a pretty good sense of what I'm doing in-game and I have a very decent career of duels.

Hope you get my point.

P.S: Fix our discord link, it's invalid atm.
@warhulk at the moment I'm trying to just get activity win or lose. And we've lost most of our wars sense I've came back. Not because we're bad but mainly we're a little rusty. Once Experience has more active members and more activity in the clan overall I'll probably add a hierarchy system to to xp
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You do recognise that players with high Qi such as myself would never get a 80% win rate as playing 18k games will average out before I even started becoming decent. As far as I am concerned that reasoning is only plausible and feasible amongst low Qi's. Therefore I call bs.

As far as the duelling part, I have won 100s of duels including high stakes duels. So these ideas are justified but inadequately planned out.
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Hi I'm Charm | Feel free to PM me!
But am I lucky though?

@Justin do it as fast as posible. I'm pretty sure, I can do alot ALONE against many random clans that you already fighted with.
@Charm I don't think you understand, Night account for example has more than 80% winrate with 11k games, all my other accs also have it.
What you define by "high stakes"? did you already dueled 1kk or real money?
I play this game since 2011, I was an addicted mother fucker, used to play this 18 hours a day. Basicly what I'm trying to say is, I played more duels than the amount of days you have in life.
I don't wanna sound arrogant but I'm alot better than the most players in the whole game.

Anyway, waiting for upgrades.
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Never Stop Studying or in the end, you will work in the telemarket. Trust me, I know the feeling.
so what are the possibilities on Experience getting official again or will you boys be going through the whole process?
Just sub-par banter really
I'm not quite sure max.I think im going to have to find some active new members.
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