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How does it feel to have the most popular legend thread right now (even over the mighty banana lord hampa)?

i am better than everyone else at everything.

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Do you use cheese assassin decks in Hearthstone :-O

i just started so i don't really have the cards for any good decks, i mainly play a weird warlock because i managed to get jaraxxus :O

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I am an assassin... ISHI is www.ishispornsite.com Your porn website?

i would not make it so easy to find, because it would be filled with the most depraved stuff out there.

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No matter how old I get, I never get bored of anime.
Ishi, do you watch anime?:O

yes, i made a rough anime list thing, i am probably forgetting some since i have a bad memory problem, but a lot of it is there: http://myanimelist.net/animelist/Ish...atus=7&order=0

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f u ho


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do i have feet

i don't think so, you should ask hanz0, he is a doctor.


Hello Ishi, can you say something amazing about me and fullfill my year long dream?
Do you really think you're in control
what did you have for breakfast

"i wish i could do that ken watanabe face where his eyes are really wide" -siku 2015
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hi ishi your cool is so cool how can i cool like your cool?
<~suomynona> TITS OR ELEELETH