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Crater Expedition

A massive crater has been discovered! Who knows what secret it holds.
Adventurers, we need your help. Gather up and excavate the mysterious crater.

Gather up with adventurers in groups of 3. Give your group a name.
You get one point for your group when a member places first in an in-game ES Event.
Prizes are locked until a group achieves enough points. The first group to have enough points wins that prize.
Prizes can only be claimed ONCE.
Prizes gradually increase the more wins you get.
Servers will be made public so all global rules apply.
No alt abuse. You can't be in more than one group nor can you make a whole group consisting all of your alts.

Signups will be open until October 17th.
Event will start after signups and end at November 7th.

Team Leaderboards: Imperial Legion - 1 #INIT2WINIT - 2 Drunken Bastards - 1 DESTROYERS - Mistress and the dream team - 7 Team Pokemon - 1 Dream Team Supreme - Mastermind - 1 W Gang - yeyeye -

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