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"I don't think I'm fit for sparring"
Probably my first spar of anything like this, so I have no idea how it is. :/

I would like some help though.
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So I spar pretty much everyday and really the only thing that determines if you're good is your interest. Get a partner and go play :P Being the boss at it is just a bonuses that comes later. If you're looking for things to work on i'd recommend trying some parkour mods and getting to know your run real good. It is what got me started. I also recommend watching replays frame by frame and observe moves that you couldn't do yourself. After some spars you'll see that standing up isn't that impossible.
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I agree with Hatter, parkour helps a whole lot. You might think you suck, but you get a lot better pretty fast and soon develop your own style, runs, flips etc.