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This is a thing

you can import any 3d models as long as they're in your mod_assets folder. They also need to be downloaded for anyone trying to play the mod.
I think last hour means adding textures to the objects themselves, just like you can add textures to your Tori in-game.

I feel like this was discussed before and the answer was that the game engine can't support it or something? Not really positive. I'd love to have custom textures on objects in-game
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just create a simple textured box/sphere/cylinder

btw, i have concrete confirmation from devs that no more modding related features will be added to tb. if you want to make a modding suggestion, it's tbn or nothing.
that Will be awesome in toribash next (if is implemented i mean)


Bro, having an ACTUAL TREE TEXTURE for a tree in TBN would be lit, rather than having to make it all brown and blocky
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