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"back to previous position button"
Hi Toribash players!,

Today I was dueling, and I had what I call "a hit of very bad luck". I wanted to hit the v button, instead I pressed C and relaxed all. I didnīt have enough time to brink my self back to normal and lost. (LOL)
So what I wish, is a button that turns your joints back to the position the all were (either contracting, extending, relaxing, or holding)
What you guys think?
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Well to me, is an 100% support, but i think this is really hard to make.
Anyway if this happen, probally alot of loser chances will decrease, good.
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Here it is, pressing H will load the state from the last turn.

Wait! you've made it, OMG! i'll test now, thanks anyway.
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So, this idea is looking good. Anyways, let's hope that this gets added on the new version of TB.
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Wow, thanks so much to Yoyo for that awesome script. I tested it out and it works perfectly. This is something I've really been needing because I'm kind of a careless person XD! Nice job!
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I am 100% for this option!
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I got it, also, it is bugging a little, I'ma see if hampa will add this as a new feature. (;
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