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"back to previous position button"
Hi Toribash players!,

Today I was dueling, and I had what I call "a hit of very bad luck". I wanted to hit the v button, instead I pressed C and relaxed all. I didnīt have enough time to brink my self back to normal and lost. (LOL)
So what I wish, is a button that turns your joints back to the position the all were (either contracting, extending, relaxing, or holding)
What you guys think?
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It is bugging. Well, for me atleast. It loads sometimes. :c
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100% Support! This will be very useful, as i missclicked ALOT of times
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this is probably the best idea I've seen so far in "suggestions and ideas." I'm glad someone finally came up with it.
If you are playing multiplayer NOT SINGLEPLAYER then R would be perfect for this button
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Great idea. Is there anyway that I can load Yoyo's script automatically after start-up? I know this is possible because the DeScript does this, but I don't know how to make it work with state_backup.
yeah ok
yeah this is a great idea this should be implemented very soon in the next version of toribash