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Major improvements
So we all know that Toribash is an extremely eye catching game and many, and I many many people have tried playing it, but only few stick around. Why is that you ask? Well the painful truth would be that Toribash is not a beginner-friendly game, I mean this in a way where the game is very complicated and hard to learn, it's time consuming and consists of a lot of losing fights and dissappointment. This however has no easy fix, but I do believe that there can be many other changes that will possibly help keep the attention of the player and keep them hopeful. I will discuss my suggestions below, each having its own paragraph.

I'm not sure if this is already implemented recently but items in the torishop should not be able to go "sold out". At certain times I've seen orc, chronos and gladiator items all sold out, beginners are the only people who can afford this items with their TC and will most likely love to try wearing items on their tori ingame. The only people who benefit from the "sold out" function are the rich people who buy all of them and sell it on the market for more profit, this is a simple exploit of the market and it also disappoints new players that they now have to pay more tc for a simple item. To sum this up, remove "sold out" function in torishop to let anyone buy at normal price, this will stop people buying huge bundles of the item to sell on the market because they will be unable to set "their own" price for it and thus lose profit and not benefit from the exploit.

Since TC is difficult to acquire for beginners, I think some item sets should be made free or account bound. These could be unlocked via Qi upon reaching a certain belt. For example, Player reaches green belt and unlocks use of all(or some) orc items to experiment and try out and essentially have fun with. This could be done for only certain low level belts for players to feel achievement. Getting items is a big part of wanting to play more and if they can't get even a few items, new players are likely to quit. This function will allow room for some of their personality to show through their tori which they have most likely been waiting for ages to happen.

Torishop use and inventory management ingame, to this day, I have no idea why this was never implemented. Theres a torishop ingame but it's outdated and requires players to visit the website to buy items and try figure out how to put them on. This is if not the biggest issue with this game in my opinion. People don't want to visit a website to be able to do something on game, it takes time and knowledge of how everything is done. There should be a user(beginner)-friendly method ingame where players can buy items off of the torishop and the market. They should be able to sell on the market and manage their inventory whilst ingame. (How many times have you heard people asking how to activate an item, personally I hear it all the time). So to conclude this, it's a function to access and use the torishop, market and personal inventory whilst ingame and not having to access a confusing website (it's confusing for new players and majority of people aren't used to using forums). While you're at it, maybe implement the ability to get, read and send Personal Messages while ingame.

Whilst the tutorial is good in it's own way, I think it's missing an extra session or an improvement. From copying moves from a tutorial to fighting uke, thats a huge jump. I think some openers should be discussed in the tutorial and or guide the player during his uke fight, for example "Uke is going to kick you, so to defend against this you should try lean into him to prevent any major damage." This while helpful also allows the player their own freedom but under a guided path.

Under the shop section, there is a buy toricredits function, I thought this was really a good step for toribash to make money from players, but then I saw the prices... In the market, players can get TC for an average rate at 1$ for 10000TC, but in the toribash shop its 1$ for 1000TC, clearly no one is going to the torishop and toribash is missing out on a big chance to make money to better the game. Their best deal is $99.95 for 250000TC, whereas for the same price you can get a million TC in the market. However since people are cautious from buying off of the market, they would be considering a better more secure option, however toribash lacks that option at the moment. Toribash should sell Tc for a rate similiar to the market but at around 1$ for 7000 or 8000TC. This is sure to bring in some spending money for the company as more people would consider buying from here than in the market without getting completely ripped off with the current prices, and would go along with toribash's prices of Qi and Tp and Vip etc.

This is a mere suggestion that may or may not work out. I think accounts should have an interesting feature to celebrate reaching a new belt. Thus after reaching each belt, the players account gets a booster enabled for an hour or 30 minutes. This could be brought in at green belt and onwards, as a way for players to earn some TC and feel appreciated for their hard work of reaching a new belt.

As you can see, I've put a lot of thought into this for a while now and I thought I'd share it here and see where it goes. I might add more to this thread in the future.