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sux what?
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dat rushes at boxshu,but pose wold need relaxed foot tbh.
you looks like a helicopter in the second one.

child tickler: lol.just lol...

hip pains: ok,you got a hip frac,but you DID A FKIN LEG DM(looks like hentai/liar alt).

keshaah was possible a decap tbh.

sleep decap was basically sick.

low deep high was amazing fracs and amazing saves,dafuc.

common was just a arm frac,but a nice land/save.

fri was a ghost dm,random dms and dat headbutt frac.

and yet again,buttheddd,another ghost dm,not clean at all,but was wtf.
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/dl moopsux and tell me, do you see my shutter shades?
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do you see my officer cap?
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sure,i do see it.
now that you did this decap without grab got really interesting.
next time i guess you can try to do split caps.

rubble i don't see really interesting thing,however its look nice.

candy,i just need to say that it was a great save,but fail decap lol.

coins,first i tought you was the tvow(forgot to dl here),but later i saw that isn't,but nice.

yet again,i don't see much interesting thing in motivation.

last one made me fkin laught alot.
dat ghost dms.
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Nice replays tho sleep decap was kewl
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ty <3
I made this when I was drunk
I'm better at tb when I'm drunk confirmed hory sheit
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