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What the fuvk country u live in where u can drive and drink and smoke at 16?
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i live in portugal where you can drink beer and wine legally at 16 (most bars will sell you everything), and drive a 50cc motorcycle. no one asks for your age if you want tobacco either
well in greece you can smoke and drink since 12 (i mean even if you are 11 and ask they can give you, but not age limit for drinking smoking kinda weird) Same about the 50cc in greece
Thank you, everyone.

In Finland alcohol/cigs when you're 18, 50cc moped at age of 15, 125cc light motorcycle at 16, under 35kw motorcycle at 18, car at 18, and non power restricted bike at 20 iirc.

Want to know the best part? Moped license costs 500€, 125cc license costs 1000€, car license costs 2000€ and so on. It's fucked up, as i said.
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move to luxembourg gdp/capita is where its at, and its not based on oil! An unreliable source on long term income!
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