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[TAP] The Amazing Prolody!
I am The Amazing Prolody! I am here to UNITE TORIBASH UNDER THE BONDS OF PEACE and hopefully be the best I can ever be. I am going to be a new and wonderful help to this community period!
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oh god,
Well Then
Welcome to the toribash Community, Blah blah blah all the normal crap
There, you have been welcomed
I'm Back Baby
Good - nice to see someone new with high goals and positive mind.
Though I think you should've gone to the Intros Thread for this


Originally Posted by Serithi View Post
What the hell is a prolody?

His username - It doesn't need a splendid meaning
Or maybe an alternative to Prodigy


I thought his name should be parody since his name parodies that one kid's who's goals were similar.
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