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Some cool aikido openers?
I'd like to know what cool aikido openers you use.

Post them, along with how to do em, in the comments below.
do you have discord? Me and some friends of mine have a discord server where we look towards sharing openers, hints and others stuffs about many mods (aikido included).

If you have discord and feel interested, make sure to pm me your discord and I'll invite you right away >:O

note: we are not great but I think we are at least decent, a good starting point to go xD
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Hold all
Lower shoulders
Contract pecs
Extend elbows
Extend wrists
Press V (grab)
Extend hips
Extend knees
Extend ankles
Extend abs

Turn 2: raise shoulders
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{Turn 1}
Chest rotate right
Contract left arm
Contract left wrist
Grab left wrist
Relax left shoulder
Hold neck
Lower right shoulder
Contract right elbow
Relax right wrist
Lumbar right
Contract abs
Extend both glutes
Extend left leg
Relax left knee
Extent left ankle
Contract right knee
Contract right ankle
Contract right leg

{Turn 2}
Extend Right knee


Easy kick
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i construct openers based on my knowledge of the other bloke so i work from principles rather than specifics.
I use an asymetrical opener that will
widen my base. this is mostly glute/leg work. try relaxing a knee and extending a glute.
try to obtain as close of a grab to the center line with one hand.
my non grabby hand works to cut of angles of attack from openers the other bloke has done.
contract both pecks
grab with both hands
hit spacebar

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hold all (C)
lower shoulders
contract pecs
raise shoulders
extend hips
extend elbows
extend wrists
extend knees
extend ankles

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