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what clan is this?

the coolest clan around
Not gonna lie right, but in England I think everyone saying “I can’t wait for the beer gardens to open back up” and “the pubs will be the first thing I’ll go to” and honestly all that is overrated for me now, I’ve gotten to the point where I generally need my fucking hair cut lads, beer gardens will now be the last thing for me, idk if it’s me getting old or if drinking beer has gotten boring
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Yeah man, can't be a scruffy man with unkempt hair, I'd go rebel and grow a beard if you can. I currently am, shits looking good
I’ve been trying to grow a beard for the last 6 months so far, it’s OKAY but not what I want right now lol, don’t have the genes for a good beard unfortunately
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im 15 and already growing a baller mustache idk how i feel about that

We call that Bum Fluff at that age because it literally looks like that