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Hi, i've noticed i'm beeing moved down in the clan ranking, i know there is covid and everything but being below "Drama" is really disrespectful.

Also why do we "honor" Ross?? We could swap our places easily imo... The man haven't changed his avatar since the time he was in [xp], that's also very disrespectful.

With that being said i will go back under my rock for the next 5 years, peace.

true true, Ross is honoured for his excitement he had when I once joined the [xp] discord voice chat and yelled after an hour of talking to me “WAIT, IS THAT THE REAL MAX FROM TORIBASH?!?!!!!!” And since then he has been a very special part of dog.

And honestly I’ll put you on honoured too because you have done cool stuff for dog (donating fuck tons of stuff and we love you for it)
Post Malone used to be a symbol of success. Through his explosive and highly acclaimed song "Congratulations," he rose to fame almost instantly. Malone was a new rockstar, with the use of leather jackets, exaggerated swagger of a black teen and 1.3 billion views on his music video to Congratulations, he was a breath of fresh air to the rap industry. His hit album Stoney was critically acclaimed and double platinum, not to be outdone by his future album Beerbongs & Bentleys -- this was his peak. His songs swept through the nation, ravaging the ears of everyone, turning them into loyal fans.

In 2019, Hollywood's Bleeding was dropped, personally, his second best album. His identity changed drastically from his 2016 release of Stoney. From the gangster vibes in Congratulations to 1960s feminist look. He shaved his famous hair, leaving him bald and scarred quite like his liver. His overabundant consumption of Bud Light and cigarettes has made an impact on his voice and personality. Turning him from a respectable man with a masculine appearance to a femboy with dangly earrings and a closeted gay personality.

Post Malone gave up his asshole in exchange for fame.

Thanks for listening to my ted talk
Ngl I haven’t listened to Post Malone since rockstar came out, I just listen to classic music like Elton John, queen, the knack, fleetwood Mac etc.
So big man Boris Johnson of this find country (England) has made an announcement this morning at 8AM, nothing much has changed other than that we can now travel to Germany and Sweden or Switzerland... I forgot and that we can only have up to 15 people at a wedding and 30 at a funeral. So realistically if you’re getting married in England, don’t bother wasting £30k on a wedding with less than half your family and friends lol
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Lmao, do u love boris johnson?

He does his best as a prim minister, but if you knew Boris Johnson and saw what he's like, you wouldn't understand how he's the prime minister of England