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I am blinding

I'm Light, just another typical Tori.

Now, I'm not very new to the game (am i still allowed to post this?), at the time of this post I am almost Black-Belt but still a noob and as you can see, I just joined last month. However, I am fairly new to the forums. I won't post alot because...well, I don't know either.

As for my stuff ingame...

I play Judo, Judofrac, Mushu and sometimes Zweihander (planning to try wushu in the future). I have won around 4 tournaments (3 judofrac, 1 zweihander, around 2k TC total rewards) when I posted this. I don't think it's really that worth much anyway. My current Tori isn't that great, but earning for a black-and-white/teal char.

I'm not that very skillful, and I copy moves from others occasionally. I mostly play with my friends in private lobbies. I make (sh*tty) replays for myself (and my friends) about dancing, fighting with myself in free play, pvp and tourney replays and fighting with my friends.

So, yeah. That seems to be all of it. I like this game alot as its many possibilities makes my creativity shine (not really). Hopefully you didn't read this unimportant message.

(also im 13)
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