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Replay Critique Thread
Who would have guessed but I will start my part of the Tori Legends forum with a replay critique thread. I often get messages from people asking me to look at their replays so I figured I could just make this public. I'll try to keep this up as good as possible but if a shitload of people post here, please bare with me.

Post your replays here and maybe even say something about them yourself, where did you struggle, what parts are you especially proud of, what did you want to make but couldn't achieve, etc.

Please don't post large amounts of replays in one post since I plan to give the same amount of attention to every person. If you put more replays I will spend less time on each replay. You should rather come back later and post again.
Oblivion: that wasn't hilarious
Oblivion: it was brilliantly complex though
Oblivion: hands down man
Oblivion: today I genuinely believe more than I ever did before
Oblivion: that you are better than me
Oblivion: gg NutHug

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