Endurance Onslaught 3.0
I thought a madman was 5 dms in one kick or punch. :I
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Irrita, that's a boom... Even so, a boom is like 3 dms in one hit.
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A madman is at least five dms in a whole replay
Have a great day, thanks for looking at this post I guess.
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After Reading all the tips and watching the replays I decided to take the knowledge and put it to use and this is what happend.
Vlad's tips helped me the most thanks man http://forum.toribash.com/showpost.p...57&postcount=5
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Madman 1.rpl (123.5 KB, 30 views)
madman 2.rpl (154.7 KB, 13 views)
madman fail pose.rpl (76.5 KB, 15 views)
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i think its madman
that replays of my bro
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[SRG] IncreazAble Hight.rpl (82.8 KB, 4 views)
[SRG] brahmaSCORP.rpl (157.6 KB, 4 views)
SYLISHdm.rpl (138.1 KB, 6 views)
FUJIBAD.rpl (201.3 KB, 5 views)
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A Few Of My Better Sp Replays. Sectum Octra Isn't finished.
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In The WRONG Hood.rpl (299.8 KB, 5 views)
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Thanks, your tutorial helped a lot in my replay making, I made my first madman! This is what emerged from all the madness after reading this (I didn't have time to get into a cool pose)
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Knees of DOOM.rpl (93.1 KB, 12 views)
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If you are readings this then congrats! you can read