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Bet quitting idea
I think it's pretty unfair that someone betting tc is kicked out of a bet because someone is too selfish to lose.

So what if the bets that were lost came out of the quitters tc? Most players have millions to spare, so this way they would have incentive not to quit.

If they don't have enough, they are put to 0, the tc that is recovered is distributed accordingly.
That's unfair to people who ping. People who ping in a match shouldn't have to pay for something they couldn't really fix. Plus, you get your own money back anyway. So if they did decide to quit, it shouldn't really effect you.
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It isn't their fault why they ping tho...
My net is slow so I know the feel.. :/
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>Internet crash
>game crashes (this happens too often for me personally)

I'd cry if I had to pay for shit I can't help.
Maybe have this for spectating mid match and disconnecting (not ping or crash just disconnect from server.)