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Thrust directions (enabling flight)
Basicly the idea is to controll flight. And this will enable flight like Superman or Goku plus give a ton off other possibilities.

For instance the z thrust is comming from your feet or object. right now the object will always go up no mather how you turn them

But the idea is that thrust will always come from the same position off a object or body part no mather how it is turned so lets say the thrust will come from the bottom of my feet (or object)

if you turn your feet sideways the bottom off your feet are to the side the thrust still will be comming from the bottom off your object or feet so you will fly horizontal instead off vertical etc etc

this gives you controll over wich way you want to go with your thrust and will enable flight in any direction. flight like goku etc

also maybe give the tori a way off enabling thrust (by grabbing maybe)

if this would be enabled in the game or modmaker it would be a great asset to the game imo
In some mods maybe, but that'd be up to the modmakers. There's no way the whole game would actually have this feature. That'd be a waste of time. If you want this, ask a modmaker.
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well thrust is not used in most mods right? mostly jousting etc so offcource it would only be for certain mods. and right now it CAN'T be done even if you use modmaker or use script>

but since thrust is enabled anyway i think it would not be that difficult to implement in the game this way
It can be done in a script if you work on it. All you have to do is change the thrust you get from Toribash in a mod like jousting, concentrate on the feet, and then add the tigger mechanic. Still, mods like jousting are far and few between. It's just not worth it.
"Who wouldn't pass up gay sex with Bercat?"
"Day is probably masturbating to Osu"- Hydra 2k15
No it can't work...... either you don't know what i am proposing here or you simply don't know what your talking about...

the idea is to have thrust come from a position on a object not the whole object. and also make the thrust turnable with the object or bodypart

this meens if you turn the object DURING the game (so whenever you like) the thrust turns with it.. enabling full controll over your thrust

this is something completly else then using triggers to put z thrust on and then x thrust
what you are now talking about

also saying its not worth it.... you must think beyond the obvious did i suggest a jousting mod mmm??
there is a ton what you can do with this and make some grazy mods.. not just jousting...
off the top of my head: steerable mounts cars bikes etc shootable guns in all forms flyable airplanes etc fly like superman goku... and thats just a quick glimps off what is possible cause basicly the possibilities are endless.
this will give you full controll about it wich is something completely else then how thrust is done now (and only can be done.)
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