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Bring back old tori-market?
I was wondering if we could have the old tori-market back like in the old days where you go to a persons market place and they have their own shop and all in it.
If anyone is from 2008-2010, you'll know what I mean.

And no, not the market on forums but the market section itself
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What do you mean. U can a persons name and it show's you all the items he have.
What's the problem with the current market?
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Yeah I liked that a lot too, since you probably weren't around insanity or don't remember it. You could create a shop that would keep track of the amount of people who viewed your shop, amount of items, and a bunch of other neat facts. I think it even had amount of TC earned, it is similar to searching a seller but there was a shop home page which was pretty much a big forum post that you could advertise things and have pretty pictures. I really enjoyed it but they ended up getting rid of it and I think it was because people abused the amount of people who viewed it and a lot of people ended up dumping thousands of orc timers and misc into their shops so they could appear with more items. I also remember the top 10 shops, by popularity were shown at all times in the market. I enjoyed this system and would love to have it back, possibly keep most the features and dont implement the ones that are easily abused.
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Well this sounds nice!
*I'm from 2012 and I just learned of this*
OMG! This would be really, really fun! Please bring it back
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I was around for this, maybe not on this account but around. I was just starting out trying to make a few hundred tc when arrowbasse was top dog at the time. This was a cool thing. I don't remember all of it though